Breadline Challenge – FoodCycle

FoodCycle, a charity close to my heart, builds communities by fighting food poverty and social isolation with food waste! They do wonderful work across England, in 20 different community projects, all run by amazing volunteers. I have been volunteering with FoodCycle LSE for 2.5 years as a hub leader.

FoodCycle LSE

At FoodCycle’s longest running project, we’ve been serving every Sunday since 2009, originally at Holy Cross Centre Trust and now at The Food Chain, where we use surplus food to create nutritious meals in a welcoming atmosphere for people living with HIV and their families.


Breadline Challenge 

4 million people in the U.K are affect by food poverty and in the different hubs across England, people are struggling to make ends meet. The breadline challenge aims to raise awareness of the problems of food poverty and raise vital funds for the hubs. The participants of the challenge will be living on a food and drink budget of £2.86 a day from the 16th to 22nd November.

I will be raising money for FoodCycle LSE by taking part in this challenge. Each day I’ll be documenting how I get on through this blog to highlight the plight of 4 million people in the U.K suffering from food poverty. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations. Donations can be made via here. If you would like to take part to support this cause, you can join the campaign here.


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